Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aweful Start to the Week!

Wow, what a start to the week! Noah has been having diarrhea starting this weekend. I brought him to the doctor yesterday to see what he had....they think it might be cdif (an intestinal problem) as a result of the antibiotics he was on a couple weeks ago for his ear infection. I had to collect a sample of his diarrhea (that was not fun!) and take it into the lab at the doctor's office. I still haven't heard from them and that was yesterday. I will give them a call this morning to see what's going on and if he has cdif.

Over the weekend, my wife and I were victims of identity fraud, someone had stolen our debit card numbers over the Internet and had made several purchases, two purchases we had not made! I was rather irate when I found out someone did this! I called the bank and had to go in to fill out the report. The good news is that we cancelled both of our cards and are getting new ones issued and the person or persons responsible for this can't make any more purchases! The other good news is that the bank will be crediting our account so we won't lose any money from this ordeal!

Hopefully all of you are having a better week so far....I couldn't make dad's group yesterday either because of the doctor visit....oh well, it's best for Noah and the other kids so they don't get what he has!

Talk to all of you later!



S.A.H.D. Guy said...

Wow! What a start to your week. I hope it got better as the week went by. And it's good to see you're still alive...you seem to have disappeared! I was getting worried. How is the new group going? I would love to see the article. Is is on-line? Anyway...talk to you later...I hope!

eciericdad said...

I've been online quite a bit, I haven't seen you online-are you on MSN messenger? I check to see if you're online....I'll keep checking!

Our dad's group is going great! Unfortunately, the article is not online, but I can send you the article, I've got about 8 copies from family and friends, plus my wife got some copies at work!I can also scan it and send as attachment.I'm working on a web site and will try to post it on there.
Talk to you later!

S.A.H.D. Guy said...
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S.A.H.D. Guy said...

I use Yahoo Messenger, but it tells me when you are on-line. We must just miss each other. If you're willing to send me the article I would love to read it. You should have my address, but if you need it let me know and I'll E-mail it to you. I'll keep checking for you on-line and one of these days we'll talk again.

Joeprah said...

Just found your blog via Mile High Dad. Cool to find some other SAHDs out there blogging. I will have to keep you in my rotation. Peace!