Thursday, November 15, 2007

K.C. SAHD's Convention Photos

This photo was taken at the 12th Annual At Home Dad's Convention in Kansas City on November 3rd! Seated from left (clockwise): David (Michigan), Nate (Kansas City), Chuck (Kansas City), Phillip (Ohio), and another dad (Louisiana), sorry can't remember his name! I really enjoyed getting to know David, Nate, and Chuck really well. I look forward to seeing these guys at next year's convention, which will take place in Sacramento, California.


S.A.H.D. Guy said...

Good pic. Do you have any others? I can't wait to see more of yours. Later!

ericthedad said...

I have only 1 other...I didn't take as many pics as you did! The other one is not a very good one, didn't turn out good.