Tuesday, October 30, 2007

At Home Dad's Convention

Well, I tried to add a video to this blog, but it didn't work, so I'll write today's blog instead and add a photo. I am really looking forward to this weekend's 12th annual at home dad convention in Kansas City. I'll meet dads from around the United States and attend interesting sessions on various topics about being a SAHD!

I've already met several SAHD's online and two in the area. I look forward to meeting them in person at the convention. I will drive to K.C. Friday morning in time for the Meet and Greet Dinner.

Today, Sonia, Noah, and I ran some errands and I decided I would run 6 miles in the running club I joined couple months ago. We will be running 6 miles every Tuesday throughout the fall and winter. I want to start training for a 1/2 marathon and be ready for my first race this coming spring! Then, I may try to train for a marathon, we'll see!

We finally got IL license plates, but I tried putting them on the Honda but the screw broke and then I think the front screws are ripped, so I need to go to plan B on putting them on. They are on the Toyota though already. I'm picking up my computer tomorrow morning it's been not working now for several months, I'm reading to get a new computer sometime in the next couple of years.

I helped clean out the gutters at my grandparents' house yesterday. That was fun! I like to help them any way I can...they are in their 90s!

It was my 31st birtday yesterday, Sonia and Noah took me out for dinner at Olive Garden. It was a treat. Then we came home and watched a movie.

For Halloween tomorrow, we'll dress Noah up in a clown outfit to greet the trick or treaters. Sonia and I have already gotten a head start on the candy! We've gone through 1 1/2 bags already, but there is plenty left!

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MileHiDad said...

Look out KC, here we come!