Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vacation Ideas?

It's time for another blog-I need to post more often, I know there are other stay home dads, I won't mention names, but one in particular who lives in Michigan who posts a lot more than I do, so this is a start!

My wife and I want to go on vacation for a week in October by ourselves without our son. We thought about traveling to Europe but we met with a travel agent last week and she informed us how expensive flights are to travel overseas. We decided we want to stay in the United States, unless we find a reasonably priced package deal. We are leaning towards San Diego and southern California, Utah/Idaho/Las Vegas, New Mexico, and Maine. I know it's beautiful in Maine in October with the leaves colors.

Whoever reads this blog, could you suggest ideas on vacation spots you have visited, or have heard about that would be fun? We want to do alot of active things such as white water rafting, hiking, etc.

Hope to get some good ideas, time is running out, we need to book a vacation soon!


S.A.H.D. Guy said...

Hey guy! I finally had some time to read this (been crazy busy at church the last 2 weeks). A vacation without kids and just you and the wife? Does it get any better than that? Very nice! What about Colorado? Don't they do white water rafting down the Colorado River? Or the Grand Canyon? I hope where ever you end up you have a great time together!

arLeNe said...

When you think about it, spas and fitness are a natural mix. Adventure and fitness activities are great fun vacation ideas that will stimulate both the body and the mind. They de-stress you and allow your body to release built up tension.

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